Westward Ho! Dusk Rocks photo

Westward Ho! Dusk Rocks

Westward Ho!, Devon

I haven’t been out with my camera much lately. I’m hoping that as the evenings get lighter it will allow me to get out in the evenings after work.

This is a photo of the rocks at Westward Ho! taken at dusk. I love the way these rocks look in images after the light starts to fade. I think it is a combination of the textures that show in images along with the blend of tones present highlighted by the dusk sky’s colours.

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  1. paolo says:

    outstanding work, i love the light over these wet stones.

  2. Amazing picture, well done, it’s art, i love it !

  3. Navin Harish says:

    Lovely tones of colours and great composition, the stones are looking so good.

  4. Ivy Tavia C. says:

    This picture R O A R “Two Thumbs Up!”… spectacular says it all.

  5. bcortial says:

    beau premier plan.

  6. Dave Dillon says:

    Another one with killer colors. well done!

  7. Benz says:

    Great Shot. Beautiful Colours.