Westward Ho At Dusk photo

Westward Ho At Dusk

North Devon

I was going to go on another photography jaunt across Exmoor today but sod’s law one of the kids has blessed me with their cold. Instead I decided to spend half hour for sunset at Westward Ho! When I got there it was quickly evident that there wouldn’t be much of a sunset this evening so I tried to make the most of the 25 mile round trip by taking some dusk photos. I like the rocks at Westward Ho! I think they have an amazing depth and texture in low light. I think the light on the horizon is the lighthouse at Hartland point.

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  1. Chris Legg says:

    Really lovely shot Dave

  2. Perfect shot
    Especially pebbles in the foreground

  3. jess says:

    I agree; the high and low key of pebbles and softness of the crashing water in the foreground is gorgeous.

  4. mARTina says:

    This is a very beautyful shot. Congratulations….