A Moody Westward Ho! photo

A Moody Westward Ho!

North Devon

Here is another photo that I took at Westward Ho! recently. I like the mood of this photo and the sense of motion. It was quite surreal because the wind was really strong and there was loads of brown tinted foam along the rocks on the water’s edge. I think it adds a bit of an extra dimension to the shot as it.

I’m hoping to get out and take some photos at the weekend but in case you live under a rock the UK is about to get a blanket of snow. No doubt the country will grind to a halt pretty quickly over a measly inch or 2 of the white stuff.

In other news, I am in the process of building a community website for UK photographers to share their favourite photo spots (or to find them!) It is one of those projects that I meant to start around 2 years ago but never quite got into the swing of. Hopefully it will be at a stage where I can at least open it up to users while I continue to develop it. The hardest bit will be attracting users and seeing if there is actually a demand for it, at worst it will have lots of photos of North Devon!

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