Tracks In The Sand Instow Beach photo

Tracks In The Sand Instow Beach

Instow, Devon

It is not uncommon to see tracks in the sand when you visit Instow beach. Sometimes it is from a tractor pulling a boat to its moorings or to clear all of the rubbish left by visitors as well as the beach litter that has washed ashore. I took this photo with the intention of using the tracks as leading lines. I quite like how there is only one boat that was perfectly placed at the point where the tracks in the sand veered off.

I like how beaches translate into great photos with the ability to portray that sense of space. I’m not sure this is a great example but I like it none the less.

As you will have guessed if you are one of my regular readers, I have changed the appearance of the blog. I changed it with the intention of making my text more apparent and readable while making the site look a little less clinical. Hopefully I have achieved this and even more so I hope that you the viewers like it! I think is certainly not as cold as the old design and is possibly a little more inviting which is what I wanted without distracting attention from my photos.

If you have any thoughts, issues viewing or suggestions I’d be glad to hear from you.


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  1. The photo is very nice, i like it