Tarr Steps Exmoor photo

Tarr Steps Exmoor


Yesterday’s photography tour of Exmoor included stopping at Tarr Steps. Tarr steps is a clapper bridge spanning the River Barle, it is said to be the longest bridge of its kind in the country. It’s hard trying to come up with an original shot of such a heavily photographed location but I gave it a go. I got some funny looks from some of the other visitors as I positioned myself on rocks out in the water etc to try and gain a unique vantage point! I just wish I took my wellies. I processed this as a black & white photo as I preferred the tones I could achieve giving the stones a good strong contrast so they could dominate the scene.

Of recent weeks I have been following and trying to take part in Photoshop Tennis. I think this particular group was started by Dave over at Chromasia. It can be great fun to participate and very interesting to see how different the ideas are that people come up with from one image. Head over and check it out!

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  1. Judith says:

    I’ve just accessed this picture after reading in today’s paper (01/01/13) that it had been swept away and I wanted to see what it had looked like. Such a shame. Wonder if it can be re-built or have all the stones been swept away?

  2. Dave says:

    I’d imagine it should be able to be rebuilt.