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Today was pretty quiet, I went to my local macro spot and didn’t see a single dragonfly/damselfly :( I tried a few flower macro’s but I can never get those darned things to work. I guess if I was a writer, today I would of had writers block, but a blank page today can still be written on tomorrow. On that note this picture is from the zoo visit on Friday, I like it in the essence that it isn’t the traditional peacock shot(to me anyway) and I tried to highlight details other than its main feathers. This bird was quite funny because he was quite jealous that nobody was watching him because everyone was looking at the ducks/penguins being fed in the opposite direction so he was strutting back and forth in all his glory.

Hope you all had better luck with your camera’s


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  1. rainy says:

    … poor peacock ! ;))
    nice shot …