DSee No Evil Speak No Evil photo

See No Evil Speak No Evil

Clovelly, Devon

After working all night I decided to see what I could find to photograph at dawn. I headed for Westward Ho! but it looked pretty drab as there was not an ounce of surf and high tide wasn’t far off so there wasn’t even a vast expanse of sand to shoot. So after directing a pair of fishermen I headed towards Clovelly. I love Clovelly, it has bags of character and normally loads of boats to shoot but not today. There were hardly any boats at all but I enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet by the sea with my camera. On the walk down Clovelly hill I spotted these ornaments on a house wall and just had to try and capture a shot of them. The only niggle is they are in the wrong order as I think the saying goes “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” I could be wrong though and it wouldn’t be the first time!

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