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Exmoor as the sun fades

Exmoor as the sun fades photo

This is another shot from the last photography trip to Exmoor as the sun faded. As the sun set it was obscured by a band of cloud, although the light is more akin to the sun disappearing over the horizon. I love this time of the day, when the light is at its most transient…. Read more

Shipwreck – Crow Point

Shipwreck – Crow Point photo

I took this photo of the shipwrecked boat at Crow Point in North Devon a long time ago, way back in 2009 when I still had a Canon EOS 20D. I think having a hiatus has made me look at my library of photos with a fresh pair of eyes. I keep spotting ones that… Read more

Walking Along Instow Beach

Walking Along Instow Beach photo

I was looking through my beach photos for another project when I came across this one. I have a weakness for photos that show a wide area of space but only one or 2 people are in view, and this Instow photo really fits into that category. I feel it really adds a sense of… Read more

Winsford Hill Tree at Sunset on Exmoor

Winsford Hill Tree at Sunset on Exmoor photo

Here is another photo that I took as the sun set on Winsford Hill on Exmoor. As you can see in this one the light across the grass had lost most of its’ beautiful glow that was coming from the ebbing sun. The sky though was another story and was very vibrant. Even using the… Read more

Sunset at Winsford Hill Exmoor

Sunset at Winsford Hill Exmoor photo

I have been waiting since Christmas to get out and properly christen the 5D. On Saturday I finally made my dash to Exmoor to try to catch sunset. I went to Winsford Hill knowing that it had some nice characteristic trees that I could use in my composition. I settled on this tree as I… Read more

A Moody Westward Ho!

A Moody Westward Ho! photo

Here is another photo that I took at Westward Ho! recently. I like the mood of this photo and the sense of motion. It was quite surreal because the wind was really strong and there was loads of brown tinted foam along the rocks on the water’s edge. I think it adds a bit of… Read more

Waves on the rocks Westward Ho!

Waves on the rocks Westward Ho! photo

If you follow me you may have noticed the lack of activity lately. I took a photography hiatus for a large part of 2012 due to a combination of studying and family health issues. All seems to be on the up now though and I’m looking forward to a very positive 2013! I went to Westward Ho!… Read more

Appledore Houses Silhouetted

Appledore Houses Silhouetted photo

I have often looked across the water from Instow to Appledore and admired the view. More often that not a boat features highly in my Instow photos. In this case I liked the silhouette of the houses against the setting sun. Originally the shot was wider but I decided to crop it to make the roof details… Read more

Amusement Westward Ho!

Amusement Westward Ho! photo

I think popular places look pretty cool when they are deserted. I think they suit moody or black & white photos. This is the amusement arcade at the seafront of Westward Ho! I found myself drawn by the missing lettering in the sign which I feel added to the deserted, empty mood. I have been… Read more

Ropes Tyres & Cobbles Ilfracombe

Ropes Tyres & Cobbles Ilfracombe photo

I remember being quite interested in the patterns when I saw these tyres wrapped around ropes at Ilfracombe harbour. I liked the flow of the tyres as they separated the chaos of the ropes against the rigid organisation of the cobbles. I think that this type of photo really suits black and white to take away the… Read more