Moonlight Shadows photo

Moonlight Shadows

Westward Ho!

An old photo today but I’m looking at my work with a new perspective of late. I remember enjoying watching the moonlight sat at the beach soaking in the noise of the waves and noticing the odd shimmer on the boulders of the moonlight but the dark sides contrasting. The other thing I remember is because there was a strong tide and surf that night you could hear the boulders moving and knocking each other in tandem with the sea’s ebb and flow. Anyway, back to some form of normality 😀 I hope you like it. I do, maybe I think for its simplicity.
I have made a few changes to the site today, the main one was adding a light theme via the links on the top right. I feel it gives the viewer more choice to decide which they prefer, and sometimes I feel my black and white images look better against white than black. Choice is never a bad thing I hope. :)

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  1. Ovidiu says:

    Very nice! I like it a lot!

  2. Sergei says:

    Such a beautiful shot! I like the contrast between dark and light sides.

  3. paolo says:

    very nice, looks like lovely eggs.

  4. giovanni says:

    i like this shot very much!

  5. Eden says:

    Yes, I like it too, and I like your explanation also, I can hear the sea and the pebbles knocking into each other…

    Technically, I would have cropped it differently at the horizon level.

    Beautiful moonlight!

  6. I love this photo… found it on vfxy. It is a simple and beautiful photograph and I can almost hear the rocks gently hitting eachother.