Liverpool Cityscape photo

Liverpool Cityscape

Liverpool, England

I’ve just returned from a holiday staying with family, so apologise for the break in posts. While away I met up with some online friends in Liverpool. Marcel, Pete and Tom were a pleasure to meet, it’s always nice to put faces to people you have spoken to online for many years. Although we missed the best light and left our tripods in the car it was fun getting a few shots and enjoying the company. I definitely need to invest in a wide angle lens before I make a return visit. This photograph is one of the views I shot, my Liverpool geography is pretty poor so the best description I can give to this is a shot of the city to the left of the Three Graces taken from the waterfront. Editing was pretty basic in raw with a crop to 16×9.

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  1. Sean Karl says:

    Nice photo, I know it well, Atlantic Tower Hotel, L3 Living @ The Albany to name just two. Thanks I love photos of Liverpool, my home town.