Heavy snow in North Devon photo

Heavy snow in North Devon

North Devon

For a second year in North Devon we have had heavy snow. As soon as those little flakes start to fall the region descends into chaos. I don’t know if is because we just aren’t used to any amount of snow. Many of the drivers I see on the roads while working have zero idea about driving in these weather conditions. I saw several examples of people using high revs and low gears last night and a woman crash at low speed on a straight road in a 4 x 4! I wonder if people should have a winter driver training as an option to make the roads safer. Thankfully I managed to work a full shift driving and avoid any damage.

Anyway moving on… I confess this is a photo from last year. After working driving in the snow all night, I really didn’t feel up to trying to find somewhere to take snow photos today. This snowy photo was taken just past Bratton Fleming towards Exmoor. I felt it was a fitting image for today’s blog post. I much prefer the snow on roads while it is still white, rather than all that horribly unphotogenic sludge that will inevitably appear as people try to make their way around the area.

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  1. Mike Reys says:

    You terribly cheating sloth, a photo from last year ? 😉

  2. Fantastic landscape, what lights ! Magic this picyure, well done, i love it !

  3. images from the places I love, this is my favorite! continue to enter other!