Exmoor as the sun fades photo

Exmoor as the sun fades

Nr Withypool, Exmoor

This is another shot from the last photography trip to Exmoor as the sun faded. As the sun set it was obscured by a band of cloud, although the light is more akin to the sun disappearing over the horizon.

I love this time of the day, when the light is at its most transient. You can literally watch the scene dramatically change before your eyes, while you try to capture it.

I’m trying to motivate myself to get out with my camera again, I really miss my camera time. I sometimes get a chance during the daylight hours at the weekend but find myself talking myself out of it by questioning the lack of clouds or poor light. Do you guys ever find yourself doing that?

I have set up a general blog section that is separate from my photography blog. I am not sure what will go here yet but it will give me the option to post stuff such as my post about my experience with Cokin Z-Pro filters, other photo related content, or even just my own mumblings. :)

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  1. Nigel Mason says:

    Terrific images.
    I think talking yourself out of doing what you do is typical of creative types. its probably a mixture of things. the need to have perfect images every time – otherwise you think your not as good as you thought you were. Or you have more pressing things to do that impinge on your thought processes as your out in the field. Or its a secret vice and you feel guilty for enjoying yourself too much.
    You are a natural image maker. Its the ideas behind your images that are the thing. It wouldn’t matter if you were stood on Exmoor in a pea-souper you would still get a memorable image.
    I’m a professional painter from Ilfracombe. I am familiar with the processes that stop you working. My answer is “there is no one else in the world does it like you – you have a duty to do it”
    Cheers Nigel

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for your comment Nigel, I appreciate the compliment. It is great to get comments from local people like yourself, especially with a creative insight.


  3. Navin Harish says:

    Very nice shot. The shape of the tree and the clouds gives an impression of a strong wind.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi, absolutely beautiful! Well done. I love the tree.

  5. Beautiful image great highlights on the grass in the foreground. Keep making images>