Dunkery hill photo

Dunkery hill

Exmoor National Park

Today Greg and I escaped across the border into Somerset, Exmoor was our main goal and we managed to visit a few spots to take photos. As the afternoon was drawing to a close we finished our jaunt at Dunkery hill. The top of Dunkery hill is Exmoor’s highest point at 1,705ft (519m). Thankfully there was some light left once we got to the top to get some shots before the drive home. This image is a 16:9 segment of a panorama I created, as I felt that posting the whole panorama was not practical. I really liked the stones scattered around the peak and felt they along with the grass caught the ebbing sun.

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  1. Chris Legg says:

    Stunning scene Dave, looks like it was a beautiful day out

  2. sherri says:

    Beautiful and very different landscape from what I’m used to. Gorgeous sky.

  3. Greg says:

    Great photo Dave, amazing scale of colours & textures. I think it was well worth the trek & that cold afternoon to capture that moment in the sunset behind us!

  4. I like the composition, the landscape as such, the light and the skies.

  5. […] As the November light fades on the low lands, Dunkery hill clings to the fading sunlight highlighting the fabulous colours in the heather. I took this photo the same day I shot this. […]

  6. Excellent foto shot!