Appledore Houses Silhouetted photo

Appledore Houses Silhouetted

Instow, Devon

I have often looked across the water from Instow to Appledore and admired the view. More often that not a boat features highly in my Instow photos. In this case I liked the silhouette of the houses against the setting sun. Originally the shot was wider but I decided to crop it to make the roof details more obvious.

In the original photo you could see slight detail in the darkness that enveloped Appledore, but I toned it down to simplify the image.

I haven’t taken many photos for one reason another, between working on projects outside of work and family health, photography has just had to take a back seat. I’m hoping to change this very soon though! I have even bought myself a 10 stop ND filter in preparation. :)

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  1. Navin Harish says:

    Very nice colours

  2. Kevin says:

    Wow, very beautiful sunset shot ! Great tones and shadow !