An Exmoor Hill (Dunkery) photo

An Exmoor Hill (Dunkery)

Exmoor National Park

This is another photo of the cairn at the top of Dunkery Hill on Exmoor. I decided to process this one as a black & white photo to try to give it a little more mood and impact. This is a photo that I took on my last jaunt to Exmoor with my friend Greg. He doesn’t venture out much so I think that if I want to photograph more of the area’s landscapes, I am going to have to do it alone.

Being alone isn’t always a bad thing and once I am there I am in my element. Having a photo buddy helps to motivate you to get out in the first place. I think that a photographer’s two worst enemies are motivation and inspiration, I find half the battle is identifying where I want to go.

My recent inspiration has been viewing photography by people like Mike Bartholomew, Alex Nail and Miles Wolstenholme. I want to focus more on my landscape photography and these guys often produce amazing photos taken in areas that are realistically not that far from me.

Looking at other peoples photography can be a real eye opener, especially if they have shot at locations that you have too, because it is great to see different interpretations and perspectives.

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  1. MIles says:

    Dave, many thanks for the mention – really appreciated. Love the website and your photography.