A Spider & Its Lunch photo

A Spider & Its Lunch

I took this photo last week at my local haunt and was amazed at how ambitious this crab spider was. Thankfully it was pretty still so I got a couple of shots between wind gusts.
Today I have been learning more about the world of “blogging” and I have to say I’m getting well into it! I discovered Photoblogs.org which made me realise just how many blogs were out there, from there I also found moodaholic which has some fantastic images.

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  1. Darkness says:

    Wow, lovely macro here. I enjoy the composition. Very well done Dave!

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Darkness, I love your site, will look more tomorrow as I need to sleep soon.

  3. Photo Buffet says:

    I specialize in macro photography also. Isn’t it nice to have a regular place where you can count on shots like these? Good work!