A Common Blue Butterfly photo

A Common Blue Butterfly

This is a photo of a common blue butterfly that I took near Venn Quarry which is one of my favourite macro photography haunts. It’s not a very well known spot but it is great for photographing butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. I have seen my fair share of buzzards there too but never had a long enough lens to capture them effectively.

Eventually I’d like to get a longer macro lens such as the Sigma 150mm  to make it easier to get a shot of some of the more nervous animals. It doesn’t help that I often end up trying to photograph them in the late afternoon though! It just makes it more of a challenge. I enjoy just getting out when I get time regardless of the time of day and seeing what presents itself. I normally end up staying out until the golden hour anyway even if I say I’m only going out for an hour or so…

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  1. yvan says:

    WOW, what a shot, congratulations!

  2. An exceptional macro, good job! My vote for your work on Coolphotoblogs 😉