A boat on the cobble photo

A boat on the cobble

Yesterday brought a visit to Clovelly with my friend Greg, only to find around a dozen other people wandering around with cameras. I have to admit I was hoping it would be quieter now the summer season is over. It was entertaining although sometimes annoying to be composing a shot only for a different camera wielding person to wonder into your shot and be in no rush to move out of the way! It was great fun though and nice to have a photo buddy again. A challenge was finding some shots that were not the typical Clovelly fodder (much easier said than done) of great amusement was when wondering off to a little corner to take a weird shot and witnessing others try to work out what you shooting as they follow your steps. The day ended with me waiting around for Greg as he took part in some survey but at least the nice woman bought us a cup of tea :) This is one of the shots I tried away from the water, trying to make the most of the cobble stones.

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